Planning your retirement

What kind of retirement do you want to have?

This is the starting question for anyone planning their retirement. We understand that for lots of people, their key concern is whether they will have enough money to retire when they want to. The next concern is whether they’ll have enough for the lifestyle they want to have in retirement!

Some people are actually paralysed by these worries. Because they don’t know when and how they’ll retire, they simply continue doing what they know; working hard and saving hard. However, this may not be your only option…

Giving you choices

Once our clients understand what investments they have and what can be done with them, a world of choice opens up! These may include retiring earlier than expected; winding down before retiring or continuing to work beyond 65 but in a role they enjoy a lot more. Options may also include helping their children/grandchildren financially, or even going on the holiday of a lifetime!

How do we help?

We start by getting to know you. We want to understand where you are currently and the kind of retirement you really want to enjoy. We’ll then work out how you can achieve it with your finances.

The best way to do this is to spend time with you, face to face. We’ll ask you lots of questions, but it’s your opportunity to ask us questions too! We’ll give you answers that are easy to understand. We’ll do our best to address your concerns and navigate a path to achieving your retirement goals.

Savings and Investments

Investing for the future and that of your dependents is a key issue for many of our clients.

We are not tied to any one investment provider and have access to the whole of market.
We take time to fully understand what your investment goals are before providing you with relevant solutions.

We will support you by designing bespoke plans to maximise the potential for income and capital growth in the most tax efficient way.


Whatever your stage of life, it is important to plan for your future.  Pensions provide a vital means of saving, however with so many options it can be difficult deciding which is the best for you.

We will discuss all the options available and advise you on the best course of action given your circumstances, such as when you want to retire and your expected level of income.

We can also review your existing arrangements and provide guidance as to whether they will meet your retirement objectives.

Life and health insurance

Life insurance cover provides protection to the people and things that matter to you most. It is important to you choose the right type of policy that suits you and your requirements.

You may wish to consider a policy to cover payments on a mortgage and also make some provision for your family.

*Given the constraints on the NHS we can also provide assistance on assisting you with identifying a health insurance provider

Talk to us

Talk to us if any of these apply to you:

  • You receive multiple pension statements from lots of providers, but don’t know what they mean for you
  • You’ve received an inheritance and want to know what best to do with it
  • You’re a business owner, but don’t have an exit plan as yet
  • Your mortgage is paid and you’d like to know how best to use your additional income
  • You might be made redundant and are now considering early retirement
  • If you have a pension and you are not sure if its in the best place.
  • You’re not sure if you are contributing enough or making the most of your tax allowances.
  • You have a friend or family member who is our client – you may be eligible for our ‘family & friends’ discount

Initial meetings are entirely at our cost so what do you have to lose? Contact us to arrange a no-obligation appointment.


Working with Blue Ocean has enabled myself and my wife to invest our pension savings with the confidence that they are being managed by a professional team of qualified financial advisers. They have been very supportive and responsive when we've requested a detailed analysis of our investment performance and the outcome has been positive in terms of the expected returns. I have recommended family and friends to Blue Ocean and they have been equally very satisfied with the service.

Glen Ridout


A client since 2011

We would have no problem whatsoever in recommending the services of Blue Ocean for sound financial appreciation and advice, all handled in a friendly, convivial and concerned manner. Blue Ocean are always looking at how they can go that extra mile for their clients. This is a rare positive commodity in any business environment in today's world. The financial advice is always considered and simply explained in terms of what if and if you invested here etc. There is no pressure put on me to invest in high-risk return possibilities and at all stages the advice given is tailored to the perceived situation of their clients.

Barry William Ednie

Tonbridge, Kent

A client since 2013

Over the past 18 years, I have received very reassuring advice on my investments and always been treated in a friendly but professional manner.

Jacqueline Prosser


A client since 2001

I have known John for over 20 years and have always been satisfied with his integrity, knowledge and reliability. I recommend him to business and family contacts without reserve.

Paul Richardson


A client since 2002

Bespoke service... friendly, helpful staff.

Jane Stevens

Dartford, Kent

A client since 2017

Blue Ocean resolved a difficult situation in a very satisfactory way. The whole staff are extremely friendly and helpful and it was very cost-effective.

Richard Mersh


A client since 2017

Since we have used John and the team over the years our investments have gone from strength to strength. We’re very happy with the work they have done for us. I am now in a position to retire with no money worries.

Keith Yeates


A client since 2008

Honest, well versed, ‘personal touch’ business out to make sure everyone has satisfaction.

John Townsend

Hearn Bay, Kent

A client since 2017

I have received honest advice in a relaxed, friendly environment with my personal circumstances paramount.

Janice Hill


A client since 2009

I love Blue Ocean Hartley! So very helpful and fantastic staff.

Christine Bryant

Dartford, Kent

A client since 2009

Blue Ocean has always given me the help and advice that I feel protects my family’s investments. Not only have we used Blue Ocean for more than 20 years, but the team have always made us feel welcome. Always at the end of the phone for any advice we may need. Many thanks!

Russell Paul David

Rochester, Kent

A client since 2001

I have been advised by Blue Ocean for the past 21 years, and have always found their service sound, helpful and supportive.

Louise Bober


A client since 1999

Having the benefits of sound financial advice from Blue Ocean for over 20 years, I would recommend them without hesitation.

Andrew Martin

Medway, Kent

A client since 1999

We have used John Doyle and Blue Ocean for over 20 years as our financial adviser for everything from mortgages, pensions, income protection, trusts and investments. His advice has always been realistic, reliable and no-nonsense. He has always understood our requirements and has advised accordingly.

Michaela Franklin


A client since 1999

I find them very easy to deal with. Extremely knowledgeable and with no pressure.

George Howell


A client since 2016

I moved my investments to Blue Ocean in 2014. The advice I have received has been more professional and my investments have performed better. The staff are polite and always quick to respond to queries.

Lee Menzies

East Sussex

A client since 2014

Having been a client of Blue Ocean for the past 3-4 years, I can honestly say there is nobody I trust more with regards to my financial future than John and the team. Too good to be true? Not with Blue Ocean!

Liam Ryan


A client since 2016

Very good, friendly advice from a good team.

Stephen Williams


A client since 2010

Knowledgeable, approachable and always happy to discuss my issues.

Michael Southall


A client since 2018

Professional and reactive to any questions regarding your investment.

Michael Gould


A client since 2011